My Vaporwave

I wanted to experiment with vaporwave so I looked up a rave picture because with the different colors I could make, it would look like an actual rave. I used this image:

Silhouettes of dancers moving in confetti

I then used a low polygon generator to edit the picture into a blurred polygonal image. Once I had it, I used Ultrapop Infinite to create random colorful images of my original picture. Once I had enough images, I used Video2Me to put the images together into a Gif. This was the result:


I have to say, I enjoy using these apps. I can definitely use these apps in the future.

The Girl On The Train

I’ve been working on much a new book cover for the Paula Hawkins’s “The Girl on the Train.” It’s a really interesting book and that’s coming out in theaters soon. People should read the book and then go see the movie when it comes out.

This is my attempt at a new book cover for it. I used Photoshop to combine the two images together.


The Elections

When I was watching the election, I couldn’t believe how it was going. I thought Hilary Clinton was going to win the 2016 Presidential Elections. I woke up the next morning to see that trump won.

My reaction was a little like this:

I immediately went to Facebook and Instagram only to be greeted by a storm of irate people. I honestly couldn’t blame them. All I could do was stare outside and look at the gloomy weather.

I felt like this:

After staring out my window in despair for an hour, my reaction turned into this:

The only I could do was start my day and get ready for school. It was a long, depressing process, but I eventually finished. When I got outside, I had one feeling: