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Final CT101 Post

With the end of the semester, I have to say I’m really going to miss being in ct101. This class has been one of the highlights of this semester for me. Coming in, checking out the blog, and working on the latest assignment was a great time for me. I learned a lot about different styles of creating artwork through apps and programs. These lessons are something I can take with me on my future endeavors. It’s so sad that it has to be over so soon.

Having my own website where I can share all of the things I created while in this class, has to be one of the greatest things about ct101. On this website, I put up most of the work I made in class. Two of my favorite assignments were making vaporwaves and creating Net Art

This is the second vaporwave I’ve ever made.

While the process of making these images is sometimes long and tedious, it turns out to be fun in the end. I had to use programs like Photoshop and apps like Ultrapop and Glitch!. I also had to use websites like to make most of my images. One of my favorite websites to use is where I make my own gifs. Making gifs in the class was fun to experience. Finding videos that could express how I felt and turn them into gifs is something I can definitely use in the future for my website. Despite that, I plan on mostly using Photoshop to work on my future image editing. This class has been amazing in teaching me how to use it better.

My website is and it is created for my graphic design work. I’ll most likely work on and edit how my website looks so that it looks official. As of now, it’s made to show people how my work looks and the process I went through to make it. I made different categories to separate my interests in cartoons and anime with the realistic and live art that I made. In the future, I plan on using my website to teach people how to make the artwork that I create. I’ll probably end up putting up videos of my process after I make the end result. I want to be a graphic designer so I hope that by having this blog, it will guide me to becoming one. Hopefully over time, I will develop my skills to becoming a master.

My Vaporwave

I wanted to experiment with vaporwave so I looked up a rave picture because with the different colors I could make, it would look like an actual rave. I used this image:

Silhouettes of dancers moving in confetti

I then used a low polygon generator to edit the picture into a blurred polygonal image. Once I had it, I used Ultrapop Infinite to create random colorful images of my original picture. Once I had enough images, I used Video2Me to put the images together into a Gif. This was the result:


I have to say, I enjoy using these apps. I can definitely use these apps in the future.

The Girl On The Train

I’ve been working on much a new book cover for the Paula Hawkins’s “The Girl on the Train.” It’s a really interesting book and that’s coming out in theaters soon. People should read the book and then go see the movie when it comes out.

This is my attempt at a new book cover for it. I used Photoshop to combine the two images together.


The Elections

When I was watching the election, I couldn’t believe how it was going. I thought Hilary Clinton was going to win the 2016 Presidential Elections. I woke up the next morning to see that trump won.

My reaction was a little like this:

I immediately went to Facebook and Instagram only to be greeted by a storm of irate people. I honestly couldn’t blame them. All I could do was stare outside and look at the gloomy weather.

I felt like this:

After staring out my window in despair for an hour, my reaction turned into this:

The only I could do was start my day and get ready for school. It was a long, depressing process, but I eventually finished. When I got outside, I had one feeling:

Net Art & Gif

I made this today, experimenting with multiple websites and applications. I used the website to find a picture that appealed to me. I chose a  school bus because I thought I could have fun doing editing on the windows. Afterwards, I joined to set up the picture. Putting the image of the bus in Photoshop, I used the rectangular marquee tool to cut out the windows. I saved the image as a .png file and brought it to my account. I found a gif of fire there and merged it with the bus. Using quicktime player, I recorded a ten second video of the post and saved it. I imported it to photoshop where I cropped it to a reasonable size and saved it as a gif.

I found this process interesting and fun to do and I actually look forward to using it in the future.

Here is the gif:

THIS BUS IS ON FIREEEEEEEE!!!!this-bus-is-on-fire